Luggage brand has so much history

Posted by:maggiechen Posted on:Oct 28,2016

MASSILI handicraft culture is the heritage of the Chinese nation 5,000 years down, the brand determined to carry forward the Chinese handicrafts and heritage in the generation after generation, to inform the world of the Chinese nation’s handicraft is the world’s best handicrafts. MASSILI to create a culture, is the soul, as the Mona Lisa as timeless classic. Popular fleeting, style remains forever behind the brand’s dominant force. To meet the pursuit of women’s intellectual beauty and sensibility of the United States, the perfect women’s unique charm and leather with all the women’s life more bright stage. MASSILI Elegant and smooth lines, simple and vivid colors, luxurious soft leather, fashion eternal style, let you set the visual, touch, feel in one of the high-quality environment.

MASSILI always adhere to the traditional high-quality leather handmade, always adhere to the product durable and durable classic, is the real leather experts; MASSILI simple, elegant, luxurious, and high-quality quality assurance, will love you at hand, MASSILI only produced High-quality quality of leather goods.

Brand MASSILI will bring you an unusual luxury. MASSILI each produced by skilled artisans experienced after hundreds of processes produced by the cobbler. MASSILI is widely spread to the United States, is the inherent beauty of women into a new era of high quality of life. MASSILI to every woman in the world to pass a belief, the United States is that simple. Distinguish the authenticity

The same is leather, MASSILI only high-quality leather. High-quality leather and ordinary leather material quality and feel is a world of difference, leather material texture is more clear, grainy more obvious, and its own with a comfortable original leather taste, Tian wide type. The same metal, MASSILI selected metal must ensure that thicker plating, rust, anti-fade, high density, heavier quality. In addition to these basic quality requirements, MASSILI will be based on leather models and colors of professional custom metal collocation. If the metal above the lettering or engraving, the lines fine and clear. The same is the zipper, MASSILI only use an international quality testing certification zipper brand products. To ensure that the zipper work fine density moderate, durable, smooth, heavier weight. The same is inside, different from the rapid mechanization of production, MASSILI pay more attention to the slow work out fine workmanship of the six-line joint Baoshen, exclusive handicraft heritage, whether car line or fold are world-class.


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