Mulberry London Fashion Week

Posted by:maggiechen Posted on:Oct 22,2016

The British handbag brand since the introduction of creative director Johnny Coca, the design getting better and better. Once in the French luxury brand CĂ©line is responsible for accessories design of the Spaniards actually from the British uniform. Here, from the public schools, troops, to the gentleman, the Baroness have their own identity and the occasion of the fixed clothing.

Mulberry in the 2017 spring and summer series is playing with the deformation and mashups, such as the Scottish skirt into silky flowing semi skirt; Crystal decorative Paisley vortex pattern covered dress; striped uniform version is completely broken, Modern feel close. Several appear in the skirt and shoulders at the lace is to subvert the “uniform” of the original rigid atmosphere.

Mulberry in revenue main product, that is, the bag has always put the resources on the generous. In June this year, the company came the first positive news in recent years – an increase of 5% in sales, Johnny Coca is clearly given more freedom and trust. Design team on the large version of Bayswater, that is, a decade ago to re-adjust the proportion of Piccadilly and use of color, of course, above the blue and white red stripes, and even these three colors are woven into a bag strap. Mini-organ bag, lunch box package, medium bucket bag. In short your purchase range is growing.

The design team in color use did not give up the main colors of autumn and winter: navy blue and Burgundy red, just to form the British College stripe tie most of these two colors. “They look very fine and noble,” explains Johnny Coca, adding that “some products will be available in February.” When the temperature in London remained at around 5 degrees.

The line of sight transferred to the shoes, Johnny Coca designed products blend of gentlemanly style and feminine soft, such as square head slippers coupled with lace, and the 18th century pop Pompadou high heels, this time with Paisley vortex shoes surface.


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