International luggage brands have made strong invasion of the Internet

Posted by:maggiechen Posted on:Oct 28,2016

“We are the most light luggage brand international impact, because Yimini positioning leather, the mainstream price range between 400 yuan to 600 yuan, the price of the original luggage brand belongs to the first echelon.Most of the price of original brand bags In the 200 yuan, the price is difficult to be impact to the light luxury brand will not put down the figure to the price. “Rice bluntly, from the data point of view, Yi Mini a large part of the customer lost to the MK (Michael Kors), Coach, Kate Spade and other luxury brands. Compared to women, the style is the first, but in the luggage category, consumers still attach great importance to the brand sense. Brand strength of the absolute weakness, which is Yimini as an original luggage brand is facing a severe test.

Rice said that consumers buy bags or pay attention to the brand, and now Shopping Service, global purchase, outbound tourism is very convenient, consumers can be very cheap to buy light luxury brand luggage, compared to the price of lime Minnie bags Much higher. The more traditional line of the brand, the line is the price of shopping malls more than 1000 yuan, but the main line of the explosion price is also 499 yuan, 599 yuan price segment, the price and Yi Mini belong to the same price. “Although our products in the quality of the process is absolutely not lose people, even in many materials and details of the process is better than others, but their brand awareness is indeed stronger than we are, this is the objective reality is.” Situation, Yimini to take the strategy is to complement and avoid weaknesses: not only began to force to make up the brand awareness and other shortcomings, but also to consolidate its existing strengths. Rice said with a smile: “Very grateful to our competitors, they let us see their own short board, in order to better face themselves, better to upgrade themselves.

Imini has always insisted on the style of work is: we only focus on doing their own, 100% of the energy of all the products or services in their own aspects of research and demands on competitors and peer attention is almost 0, but today, We must make a change, we must spare a considerable part of the energy to study the opponent, to learn the advantages of opponents, through learning to find their own competition short board. Know ourselves, can not be dry get on the ground. “


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