The most international brand got updated last month

Posted by:maggiechen Posted on:Oct 28,2016

This August ushered in Lan Xili international brand upgrade month, August 6, 2016 Lan Xili international brand conference held a grand, declared the Lan Xili brand once again upgrade, but also declared that Lan Xili to the international The first step of the stage.

LOS ANGELES Recently, the ultra-Beijing was invited to attend an international brand activities. Activity site dressed in blue printed shirt and black pants, plus a pair of white sneakers, Yan Yan has a block, cool handsome and no lack of fashion sense, triggering audience attention.

EP “Ladybees”, the notice of invitations, favored by the major international brands they have recently exposed a period of up to 5 minutes of the group “bee” dance video.

Weiss provides customized cleaning and repair services for international brands such as GUCCI, HERMES, Dior, PRADA, FENDI, BURBERRY, LENCEL, COACH, Cartier and VERSACE. Our service covers leather bags, leather shoes, leather seats and so on. A series of leather products.

Seize the opportunity window docking billion market As women continue to improve social status, keen to exercise, health and beauty of the rapid increase in the number of women, more and more international brands began to shift attention to female sports consumption.


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