Classic change of mulberry

Posted by:maggiechen Posted on:Oct 22,2016

The Bayswater series was first released in 2003. Its simple and generous appearance, classic but design and iconic postman locks to Bayswater’s rapid growth in sales. Not only supermodel Kate Moss love this handbag, in London, New York, Copenhagen, Sydney and Seoul, Bayswater is also popular with consumers, everywhere.

After more than 10 years, today, by Mulberry creative director Johnny Coca re-interpretation of this classic handbag Bayswater. The new Bayswater, to enhance functionality, modification of the overall shape, but also enhance the practicality to meet the customer’s modern lifestyle.

The new Bayswater is more light, the internal structure is more structured. Can be notebook computers, documents, tablet computers and a variety of modern office products easily into the bag, let the practical play to the maximum, while maintaining an elegant appearance.

“Bayswater is the iconic design of the UK and it represents the development and evolution of the design industry.” Like the automotive industry, Bayswater is always on track. How can it become a hallmark? I have a very high level of recognition. Bayswater is a classic handbag that I can use every day.When I moved to London, I saw different women using Bayswater, which inspired me to make sure that Bayswater is a classic handbag that can be used every day. I see how they use the package, how to make the package as part of their shape and life.


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