Which one is the best luggage brand in the world?

Posted by:maggiechen Posted on:Oct 28,2016

Leather goods luggage, bags, joined to choose that brand is good? Choose a different brand to bring the return on investment returns are not the same. What brand of choice to join in order to make our wealth of the road to go smoother? Choose to join the brand from a few dimensions to control it? Then let us listen to the following join the marketing director of Venus is how to say.

Quality is the basis of business, leather goods luggage store is no exception. In the selection of luggage brand to join the first thing we must look for the quality of the product, because the future of competition must be the quality of the product competition. Many foreign brands in large shopping malls set up counter sales, expensive, so that many beauty-conscious discouraged; and some small workshops imitation of the spread of goods, low prices, rough quality, quality is not guaranteed. China’s luggage market needs a quality assurance, cheap, closely follow the fashion jewelry brand. Because only good quality luggage may have a good performance.

After joining, we have to consider the product supplier company’s background and strength, mainly to see whether it really has the ability to support the product market, that is, to see its size, economic strength, market operation, innovation Capabilities, advertising support, and other follow-up support and services.

In the study luggage franchisees to join, we should pay attention to see whether the brand can provide customers with professional marketing planning, channel management planning. The strength of the brand luggage company, tend to ask the professional marketing planning agencies specifically targeted for their own brand to do a series of marketing planning, promotion, so that the brand of franchisees and agents to fully enjoy the full marketing experts Marketing consultants, training, consulting and support to ensure that the product sales for investors to bring substantial return on investment.


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