Can mulberry new official assure the recovery of its products?

Posted by:maggiechen Posted on:Oct 22,2016

This statement applies to all dynasties, but also applies to all industry, the rules of the establishment and implementation of the law. However, a recent British luxury brand may make this sentence a little more mysterious taste.

Since last year, the gradual recovery of the business of the Mulberry Group, the appointment of the new CEO and the new creative director, the stability of the investor confidence, so that the stock price gradually picked up. However, the brand yesterday announced the appointment of the new chief financial officer’s decision.

Said to be dead dogs, Ye Hao, that is a normal personnel transfer Ye Hao, but let investors are most concerned about is, Mulberry in this series of new appointments to regain growth? The newly appointed members can Mulberry again Get the brand positioning of the times? All this is not known.

Neil Ritchie, 44, who served on the board of the Mulberry Board of Directors on May 16, served as the Group’s chief financial officer. He served in the Dyson Group and served in the group’s UK, European, North American and Asian markets. Multiple business and financial positions with extensive financial management experience.

The current chief financial officer, Roger Mather, will leave the board on the same day as the new chief financial officer, but will leave until June to ensure the smooth transition of the group’s financial handover. The Group did not explain the reasons for this personnel transfer.


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