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Posted by:maggiechen Posted on:Oct 28,2016

To say fashion circles have been popular for so many years of style, it is none other than retro style. In addition to T stage was used countless times the classic retro elements. We work in the film and television and it girl with the street shooting, but also to see a lot of more routine retro style wearing. I believe that many young girls have feelings, of course, M sister is no exception, like in their own mix with some retro elements. In fact, M sister think, in the city with retro style are the pursuit of natural comfort, do not need deliberate body ancient dress, sometimes even just a retro bag, you can clean and simple dress for us , Adding a trace of retro flavor.

Today to give you an M-sister Amway heart water for a long time the British independent designer brand Beara Beara. Is an independent designer Jake in London founded the brand, is committed to creating a pure British wind handbag. Whether it is handmade crafts or the British style of bringing the retro atmosphere, have attracted a lot of people. And the price is about a thousand dollars. Of course, Beara Beara package for some consumers and can not use “cheap to describe”, but compared to many other big names, their home bag is indeed worthy of the name “cost-effective.” If you want to buy around 100 pounds a stylish + durable +, but when + + unique + highlight the grade of the package, Beara Beara should be the best choice. Their founder JakeBullough said in an interview: “Each of our packages are unique, bag texture and design stunning market, but also to the pursuit of a unique style of consumer can be purchased at a reasonable price affordable Bag. ”

From handbags, shoulder bags, briefcases to backpacks, in the careful selection of materials and production of sophisticated, they are also out of the home of the rigorous. Now, they maintain a consistent retro style, but also focus on relatively simple and elegant styling. The leather used in each package is said to last a lifetime. Because, as its motto: “Every bag is your faithful partner, not only can use this summer, but should accompany you every year!” If you are moldy Taylor Swift fans, every day at Her street shooting drooling words, certainly not for her various bags strange. One of the most popular, of course, Beara Beara retro bag. But the name of the mold to fly to the UK to buy the Beara Beara bag, showing that the degree of love for its home bag, M sister also felt her loyalty to Beara Beara is also much more than her boyfriend!


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